GT Academy 2014 Starts

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From April 21, 2014, the GT Academy 2014 online events have started within the PlayStation®3 exclusive title, Gran Turismo 6.

The GT Academy 2014 will feature a new round of challenges opening every 2 weeks, for a total of 4 rounds. Until the end of all events on June 16, you can join in and try the challenges at any time.

For regions of Europe and North America where GT Academy 2014 is hosted, the selection for the online qualification is performed through the final round of these events. Although users living outside the applicable regions for the GT Academy will not be subject to the selection process, you can still challenge and experience all events of the GT Academy 2014.

A special homepage describing the applicable regions and schedules for the GT Academy 2014 has been prepared. Please follow the related links below for more information.

* The screenshots are from the English version under development

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Green Light for NISSAN PlayStation® GT Academy 2014 Season

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Nissan and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that the gamer-to-professional-racer competition – Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy – will return for a sixth installment in 2014. Canada* will participate as part of GT Academy for the first time in 2014. This will be the biggest year yet in its competition history, and online qualifying will begin on April 21, 2014 on the PlayStation® racing simulator, Gran Turismo®6, exclusively on the PlayStation®3 system.

The GT Academy competition has attracted nearly four million entries globally since its inception in 2008, with gamers and motorsports fans battling it out for the chance to become the next NISMO Athlete, one of the elite racing drivers competing for Nissan under NISMO, the company’s motorsports arm. Europe, North America (United States and Canada) and Germany will all select champions. After completing an intensive three-month driver development program that is rated among the best in the world, the 2014 GT Academy global champions will qualify for the ultimate prize – a spot on Nissan’s NISMO race team and the chance to prove that gamers can be elite racers by driving a Nissan in the grueling Dubai 24 Hour race next January.

Proof of the success of the virtual-to-reality competition can be seen in the stunning on-track results of its graduates.

Nissan North America Vice President of Marketing, Jon Brancheau, said, “The GT Academy concept has now been validated by the results of NISMO Athletes’ performance on the track worldwide. It’s a blast to see Gran Turismo 6 gamers driving Nissan performance cars in the game, while aspiring to race our real vehicles in this competition. Nissan’s partnership with PlayStation has been a very good one, and I look forward to seeing what the fourth year of GT Academy in North America will bring.”

2011 GT Academy North America winner Bryan Heitkotter has shown great promise, earning three pole positions, five front row qualifying spots and two podiums racing a Nissan 370Z® NISMO for Doran racing in the Continental Tire Challenge Series in IMSA. GT Academy 2012 champion Steve Doherty notched two podium finishes in seven starts driving a Nissan GT-R® in the Blancpain Endurance Series last year for RJN Motorsport. Last season’s GT Academy winner Nicholas McMillen is currently competing in the Blancpain Series and experienced his first start April 13 at Monza in Italy, helping his team earn an impressive fifth in class in their first Blancpain Series appearance. McMillen also brought the GT-R to second in class during his stint behind the wheel, demonstrating his ability to maneuver through the pack quickly.

“I am very proud that GT Academy has returned for its sixth season globally, and that Gran Turismo together with Nissan will once again serve as the platform for the development of new racing drivers who otherwise would not have had the chance to pursue their dreams,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo and President of Polyphony Digital Inc. “Even if you don’t make it through to the next round of GT Academy, the GT6 qualifying challenge will improve your skills as a driver and all players taking part will be rewarded with in-game credits to enhance their experience.”

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Update Details (1.06)

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An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released. The following is a list of the main features introduced:

Data Logger now available
[Data Logger] has been added to the [TOOLS] section in “My Home”. The Data Logger analyzes the driving data stored on a Replay file and displays it in a graph, allowing users to view and compare variations in vehicle speed, acceleration points, braking points, engine rpm values and gear positions.

GPS Visualizer function introduced
[GPS Visualizer] has been added to the [TOOLS] section in “My Home”. By driving a car equipped with the “Sports Drive Logger” (sold by Toyota) on a real-life circuit, the recorded GPS data can be transferred to “Gran Turismo 6” via a compatible USB storage media, and then subsequently converted into Replay file in the game. It’s be possible to compare and analyze these GPS data using the [Data Logger] feature. This feature is currently available with Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit and Suzuka Circuit, with more tracks to be added later on.

Custom Rear Wing option implemented
[Custom Rear Wing] has been added to the [External Parts] menu, accessible from the [Custom Parts] options within the [Tuning Maintenance] section in “My Home”. You can choose a combination of wing mounts, wing style and side winglets. Users can also adjust the height and width of the wing to their liking. (*Please note this feature isn’t compatible with certain cars.)

3DTV compatibility now added
A [3DTV] option has been added to the [Display] category within the [Options] screen in the [MENU] (accessible by pressing the START button). A 3D compatible TV is required for this feature.

Adjustments to the Open Lobby
- From the Member List, it is now possible to see the Performance Points, maximum output and weight of the cars that have joined the room.
- An “Overall Best” time is now displayed on screen while in Practice, Qualifying, Time Trial and Drift Trial.
- The minimum value for [Max Power Limit] and [Minimum Weight] has been changed from 10 to 1.
- The options available in the [Race Type] menu within [Room Settings] of the “Event Settings” screen have been changed.

Other improvements and adjustments
- The Traction Control System (TCS) which is activated when driving off-track is now used only in sand/gravel pits.
- The strength of the “Real” option for the [Slipstream Strength] parameter within [Race Settings] when creating a room in [Open Lobby], has been weakened.

For more details on each of the above features, please refer to the online manual on

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Toyota FT-1 Concept Fuji Speedway GT Seasonal Event

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In celebration of the Toyota FT-1 Concept making an appearance at the New York Auto Show in April, Polyphony Digital has created a unique seasonal event with the concept coupe on the Fuji Speedway GT circuit.

The event will starts on April 7 and will end on April 30. If you receive a bronze or better in the FT-1 Concept challenge at Fuji Speedway GT, you will receive the car.

In addition to the unique seasonal event, Toyota and PlayStation will be on the lookout for your personal FT-1 Concept images captured from the Photo Travel mode. Simply post / share your Toyota FT-1 Concept images with hashtag #CaptureGT6 and we’ll feature the best of photos as through US based PlayStation, Gran Turismo and Toyota’s social channels.

Lastly, at the end of the competition we’ll be featuring the Replay video of the #1 lap time from the Fuji Speedway GT Seasonal Event through our official US PlayStation YouTube Channel, sharing your victory lap with more than 2.3 Million viewers.

See you on the circuit…

(*To learn more about exporting photos to your PS3™ XMB and then to an external device, please refers to the Related Links at the bottom of the page.)

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Ayrton Senna Institute releases a movie celebrating the 30th anniversary of Senna’s F1 Debut

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The Ayrton Senna Institute non-profit organization has released a movie celebrating the 30th anniversary of Senna’s F1 debut.

Senna entered F1 racing with a team named Toleman in 1984. He made his GP debut on March 25, at the Brazil GP held at the Jacarepaguá Circuit (Rio de Janeiro) in his home country. Unfortunately he was plagued with problems with the turbocharger on his car and did not finish the race, but it was a commemorative moment where his fighting effort away from his home country in Formula Ford and the British F3 finally paid off.

As announced earlier, the PlayStation® 3 exclusive “Gran Turismo 6” software is in a partnership with the Ayrton Senna Institute, and will be releasing content relating to Senna hereafter.

We will also continue to introduce the work of the Ayrton Senna Institute on this website.

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Update Details (1.05)

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An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released. The following is a list of the main features introduced:

Additional Features in the Open Lobby

- [Time Trial], [Drift Trial], and [Free Run] have been added to the [Race Type] option within [Room Settings] of the Event Settings screen.

- It is now possible to also [Filter by Performance] even when [Car Selection Method] is set to [Filter by Make] or [Filter by Category].

- It is now possible to select Karts in one make races held on weather enabled tracks.

- It is now possible to check regulation settings in the confirmation popup dialog before entering a room.

- In the [Race Alone] mode for the Qualifier, cars other than yours (when only spectating, cars other than the one in focus) will appear as lines.

Multi-monitor Compatibility

[Multi-Monitor Settings] has been added to the [Start Button][Options][Display] options.

Car Search

A [Car Search] feature has been added to the [CARS] section in My Home. You can specify the desired parameters to search for a particular car in the Car Dealerships.

Sale of Racing Gear in Individual Colors

The sale of Racing Gear has been changed from full color sets to individual colors. Some of the pricing for racing gear have changed accordingly.

Kart Adjustments Options Expanded

- [Traction Control] is now available to adjust in the [Driving Options]. [Skid Recovery Force] is also now available.

- [Brake Balance] is now available to adjust in [Machine Settings]. Only the rear can be adjusted in Normal Karts, while both the front and rear can be adjusted in Shifter Karts.

Other Improvements/Adjustments

- An icon that shows the login bonus stage (1-5 days in succession) has been added to the top of the [My Home] screen and the prize receiving dialog.

- The increments of the [Front/Rear Torque Split] in [Car Settings] has been changed from 5 to 1.

For more details on each of the above features, please refer to the online manual on

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Notification of Maintenance

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At the following time we will perform maintenance on the servers for Gran Turismo 6:

Start: 10/03/2014 00:00 EST
Finish: 10/03/2014 02:00 EST

During the maintenance, it will not be possible to connect to any of the online services.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

*Please note that the maintenance time may be subject to change.

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Gamer Takes "Real" Step Towards F1

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Jann Mardenborough will compete in Formula One feeder series, GP3, in 2014 with the championship-winning Arden International team. The 2011 GT Academy winner also joins an intensive driver development programme with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, the most successful Formula One team of recent times.

In the last two seasons Mardenborough has competed and excelled in GT cars, Le Mans Prototypes and single-seaters, his most recent efforts earning him the runner-up spot in the New Zealand-based TRS single-seater championship. His podium finish at Le Mans in 2013 came two years to the day after he reached the final stages of GT Academy in 2011.

“I feel ready for GP3,” said Mardenborough. “I’ve prepared well and I have all the right people around me to help my development so I can fully focus on my racing. Formula 3 has taught me so many things, both in the car and out of the car, both mentally and physically. It was a great stage in my development and I’m sure the skills I’ve learnt there will help me in GP3 and beyond. I’m excited to work with Arden. My initial impressions of them are excellent; they have a lot of experience and great success over the years. I’m looking forward to working with my race engineer Sean (McGill).

“I haven’t raced the GP3 car yet,” he continued. “But going on initial testing, I prefer the GP3 car to an F3 car. The power is very addictive! This season is my opportunity to impress more people in the sport who make the decisions on who makes it into F1 and who doesn’t and I’m going to give it my best shot.”

Arden International was selected for its championship-winning pedigree. The team’s most recent success story is that of Russian racer Daniil Kvyat who won the GP3 title with Arden in 2013 and will now race in F1 with Toro Rosso in 2014.

A crucial element of GT Academy is Nissan’s driver development programme, which helps the winners switch from the virtual world of gaming to the reality of the race track. This is where Jann learned his craft. He will now add on a bespoke development programme with Infiniti Red Bull Racing to push his talent as far as it will go.

“We’re delighted to welcome Jann onto our programme,” said Andy Damerum, Red Bull Racing’s driver development manager. “We have been tracking Nissan’s innovative approach to motorsport and in particular GT Academy that challenges the status quo of motorsport. The traditional route to F1 of karting and single-seaters is a tried and tested success but Nissan and PlayStation® have gone down a very different road and started to find some very talented drivers who have been doing all their practicing on a games console. I’m very interested to see how Jann fares on our programme and in GP3 this season and I look forward to taking him under the Infiniti Red Bull Racing wing to further progress his career.”

The mentor for the UK finalists of GT Academy 2011 was none other than Johnny Herbert, who has kept a close eye on Jann ever since.

“I have been mightily impressed with what Jann has achieved since winning GT Academy,” said Herbert. “For someone with Jann’s experience doing so well is very rare to see. Last year he raced in the European F3 series which is a hell of a tough challenge during your first season; the fact that it was Jann’s first season in any kind of single-seaters is incredible. Whilst he has had a very successful first year in GT racing and he has now got an amazing result at Le Mans 24 Hours under his belt, he is competing against drivers that have grown up with seasons of karting and single-seater experience behind them.

“His talent has not only impressed me, but has now got experienced figureheads in motorsport talking about what Jann, Nissan and GT Academy is achieving,” continued Herbert. “The world of motorsport is recognising that GT Academy is helping bring talented young blood into the sport. The success of Jann and other GT Academy winners is also inspiring a new legion of gaming and motorsport fans by giving them a new route to becoming a professional racing driver. The only question that remains unanswered is ‘Can a gamer make it all the way to F1?’”

“Jann’s progress is just the tip of the iceberg for the success of the graduates of GT Academy,” said Nissan’s Director of Global Motosport, Darren Cox. “Last year we took 41 podiums around the world including Le Mans, the Spa 24 hours and the Dubai 24 hours and won two championships in the GT-R Nismo. The innovation is now obvious to everyone who looks into the detail, however like most innovations this was not the case when we kicked the programme off six years ago. Nissan and PlayStation have brought motorsport to a new generation of digital fans and now we are expanding even further geographically. Recent additions to our core markets of Europe, Russia and USA are India and the Middle East and more new markets will be announced in the coming weeks.”

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Termination of the Remaining Online Services for Gran Turismo 5

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As previously mentioned in past announcements, the remaining online services for Gran Turismo 5, including Online Lobby, Seasonal Events, Museum, News, Community, Remote Race, Log in Bonus, Online Dealership and DLC purchase, will no longer be available after 03:00 EDT, 30 May, 2014.

We would like to thank everyone for their passion in supporting Gran Turismo 5’s online services, and we look forward to providing even better online services for Gran Turismo 6.

Regarding DLC availability after end of service

All DLC for Gran Turismo 5 will be removed from the PS Store on 30 April 2014. Please take note of the following precautions regarding the items listed below.

“Racing Car Pack” and “Course Pack” (including those purchased as part of the “Complete Pack”)
After you have purchased those items, please complete the following steps before the online services are terminated.

1. Select the Downloadable Content icon on the GT5 home screen and install the purchased items.
2. Access the PlayStation®Store from the XMB and enter the “Gran Turismo 5″ section. Purchase the [Family Upgrade] for the items in question (free of charge).

By following the above 2 steps, you’ll be able to use the items even after the termination of the online services. If you delete the GT5 Game Data after the termination date of the online services , you’ll be able to download and install them again. You can find the instructions in the “How to download the DLCs when you deleted the Game Data” section on this page.
You can find more details about the “Family Upgrade” item following the corresponding FAQ page in the Related Link section below.

“Paint Pack” and “Racing Gear Pack” (including those purchased as part of the “Complete Pack”)
After you have purchased those items, select the Downloadable Content icon on the GT5 home screen and install the purchased items before the online services end.

You will be able to use the items even after the termination of the online services; however, you will NOT be able to install them again if you delete the GT5 Save Data after the online services end.

Any other DLC items
You can use the items even after the online services are terminated without any special operation. After you have purchased those items, select the Downloadable Content icon on the GT5 home screen and install the purchased items before the online services end. If you delete the GT5 Game Data after the termination date of the online services, you’ll be able to download and install them again. You can find the instructions in the “How to download the DLCs when you deleted the Game Data” section on this page.

How to download the DLCs when you deleted the Game Data
In case you deleted the GT5 Game Data and the DLC is removed from the game, you can download them again from the [Download List], accessible in the PlayStation®Store or by selecting [PSN] [Account Management] [Transaction Management] from the PS3™ XMB.

Regarding Gran Turismo TV

Distribution of all programs on Gran Turismo TV within Gran Turismo 5 will cease on 14 March 2014. The programs you have purchased will be available for viewing and downloading from [My List] during the availability period.

The services for Gran Turismo TV within Gran Turismo 5 will be terminated completely on 14 March 2015. All programs after this date will not be available except the opening and the ending movies.

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